What to expect

STEP 1: complete registration form on our sign up page. This will initiate a welcome Email with links to sign up at eXp. 
STEP 2: ensure DRE license is moved over via your DRE online e-license and local MLS board. 
STEP 3: Schedule a call with our on-boarding team. 

Once you complete step 1 above:

1. Expect 7-9 emails from eXp corporate which will include your independent contractor agreement, invitation to eXp workplace Facebook, welcome to eXp realty, welcome to eXp university, team agreements, business plan, login credentials for eXp enterprise and more. 

2. A few emails from our on boarding team to help you begin the transition over. 

Below are forms to download for CA DRE and San Diego area agents. If you are out of state of CA, then you will need to contact your local state Department of real estate for e-license change over and local MLS board change form.

4. Order business cards, OH signs, For Sale signs, marketing.
- There are a few ways to do this
a) via the eXp enterprise marketing center
b) If you are part of the Brennan Real Estate Group Team, then reach out to our on-boarding team to design your business cards and signs. The BREG team has access to listing presentation templates, booklets, listing marketing materials, sign templates, business card templates and more.

5. Set up your KvCore CRM and lead gen website.
We recommend using our tech wiz Craig Schaid. He will set everything up for you, website, CRM, landing pages, and more. Amazing value. He normally charges $347. Our team gets it for $272. Use this service. Your time is worth 3x this. 

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